What Do Escorts Do On A Daily Basis

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There are certainly a lot of misconceptions when it comes to what escorts do on a daily basis when they are not on the job. One needs to understand that escorting is not an easy job. Many people think that escorting is a carefree business where escorts just have sex with people for excess amounts of money, and that’s about it. Nothing could be further from the truth. Escorts, like all of us, have a life apart from their job.

They will actually have families and lives that they maintain when they are not working. In this article, I have provided real-life interviews of two escorts, one male and one female, and these two told me about how they lead a life, other than escorting.

Person 1

This person is a male escort who resides in the Sin City of Las Vegas. He actually made sure that he made tons of money there, as people go to Las Vegas for having fun and also, to party. And that is what his clients do. He usually gets contacted by 10-15 people on the daily but only takes up to 5 clients a week. These 5 clients meet him in the night. In the morning, he catches up on his favourite shows and also teaches an English class. After his class, he goes back home and then performs background checks on his potential clients.

He then chooses people who are decent enough to avail his services and then he calls them up and accepts their offer. This particular male escort averages 4 male clients in a week, at least. He also makes sure to meet with 5 female clients in a month. He also said openly that he is bisexual and enjoys his time with both genders.

Person 2

This person is a female escort who lives in Los Angeles. When she is not escorting, she takes her of her 2-year-old son. During the day time, she is a homemaker; she cooks and feeds herself and her baby. She also grocery shops and makes sure to lead a normal life. She has hired an agent to take care of all the escorting business for her. Her agent takes care of all the background checks and the vetting process for her because she simply does not have the time to do all that by herself as she has the baby to take care of.

As you can see, the above two people prove that you can be an escort and still lead a normal life, just like any other person would. People around the planet should indeed stop making up stereotypes, which are simply not true.