How to Get Engaged in Politics on Election Day

Florida Politics is a political media platform covering local, state, national and statewide elections, issues and lobbying in Florida. This media and its related content are owned and published by Extensive Enterprises, Inc. Its primary market is newspapers and its news department caters to a specific segment of the population – politicians, journalists, attorneys, judges, […]

The Role of Politics in the Human World

Politics is the arrangement of various actions that are performed by governments or groups, including the selection of leaders, distribution of powers or privileges, or the distribution of public goods. The branch of political science that studies government and politics is known as political science. Politics is a branch of study that has become extremely […]

The Barriers to Politics Involvement for People With Disabilities

Politics is an ever-changing system of societal arrangements based on power and authority. Politics has been present since history began and it has always been in existence as a way for groups of people to understand their relationship to others. Humans have always been involved in politics as a way for them to identify and […]