Using Luxury Transport Services to Get to and From Schiphol Airport

There are several options for getting to and from Schiphol Airport. Private shuttle services are available 24 hours a day and provide door-to-door transport. Most of these companies offer a variety of prices and can accommodate anywhere from two to seven passengers. While they can’t give discounts, these luxury transport services are an excellent way […]

How to Minimize Your Travel Stress

Travel is the movement of humans between distant geographic locations. Travel is commonly done by land, air, sea or road, with or without cargo, and is one-way or round trip. The earliest forms of travel were probably organized around hunting and gathering, which required moving from one location to another for the purpose of gathering […]

Different Types of Travel While on Your Gap Year

Travel is the motion of humans between various distant geographic locations. Travel can be performed by foot, vehicle, bicycle, plane, train, bus, boat, car or any other mode, with or without bags, and is one way or circular route. There are many ways to travel, some by land, sea or air, while others are made […]

Facts About Traveling Among Bering Whale Pods

For thousands of years, humankind has marveled over the Orca (orca whale) and its unique culture. Over the past few decades, however, there has been increased interest in Orcas specifically, and their behaviors, including their ability to communicate with humans, their diet, and their relationship to mother and calf. In this article, we’ll go into […]