Technology Making strides in the Whale’s Protection and Exploitation

From spy drones to underwater cameras to personal computers with internet, we are deeply connected to technology every single day. High tech devices work around the clock and help to survive in today’s ever changing environment. For some people, technology is a necessary element of their life, whether it be their cell phone or an […]

What Is The Definition Of Technology?

Technology is a systematic approach to solve problems. This systematic approach has evolved through the years and is now an integrated field. Technological change is sometimes associated with disruptive innovation, for example new technologies that render old methods useless. Sometimes it refers to something that makes life easier. In business, however, the term technology is […]

Using Technology To Rescue Orca Whales

Technology is the combination of various skills, techniques, and systems utilized in the creation of products or services or for the achievement of specific objectives, including scientific research. In its broadest sense technology can refer to a variety of human endeavors which rely heavily on information technology, including computer systems, information technology, and networking technologies. […]