California’s Orca Whales Undermined For Control

The federal laws regulating the facilities housing orca whales now are known as the Marine Mammal Protection Act and the Animal Welfare Act. Under both acts, a breeding facility for orca whales must be at least fifteen feet long and forty feet wide horizontally. The size of the pool must also be carefully monitored to […]

The Law and Orca Breeding Programs

For decades, whale watching has been entertaining the public at parks located throughout Alaska. Killer whales and other ocean giants have captivated the attention of people from all over the world. Even though there is no law currently prohibiting the showing of killer whales in actual shows, there are regulations that govern these facilities that […]

The Law On Whales And Marine Mammoths

The federal laws governing the marine sanctuaries that house orca whales are known as the Animal Welfare Act and the Marine Mammal Protection Act respectively. Under both acts, a swimming pool facility for an orca whale has to be at least 12 feet long and forty-eight feet wide at the widest point. It also has […]